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Performed live at the 2012 National Audio Theater Festival  in West Plains MO and staring a  cast of talented amateur and professional actors (Phil Proctor of The Firesign Theater and well known voice over talents Barbara Rosenblatt , Sande Sherr and Richard Fish),  On The Internet Nobody Knows You"re Dog shows us something we've suspected all along.  Dogs do run our lives.

Featured in "A Half Hour Radio"  this is the complete version of the original Star Trek Parody.  Follow the adventures of Captain James T. Clerk,  Mr. Spook and Dr. Femur as they save the galaxy from an evil race of intergalactic ....drunks?

Episode #1 of the cult 90's radio comedy "A Half Hour Radio Show"

Two well meaning hosts, Jeff and Tom have created a half hour show full of witty skits and biting social commentary.  The only problem is,  nobody gets to hear any of it.  The radio station they are working for installs an "instantaneous ratings computer" during the opening credits and they start changing the format of the show every few minutes.  Originally aired on radio stations around the USA in the early 90's, "A Half Hour Radio Show" still has a cult following  around the country.  This is a full version of the first episode.  Enjoy.

Episode #2 of A Half Hour Radio Show.

Things are going from bad to perverse for our two intrepid hosts.  The station management is changing formats faster and faster and they are getting stranger and stranger.  With nothing left to lose, they head up to the managers office to confront them and find......?


Episode #3 of A Half Hour Radio Show.

There's a new "Team" in town.  "TEAM RADIO",  and they are out to "fix" the show.

Be afraid,  be very afraid!

Episode #4 of A Half Hour Radio Show.

This week there is NO SHOW.  Yeah,  We said it.. NO SHOW!  And you want  to  know why?  Because there is no reason to make one!  Something always comes up and we never get to actually do a show, so why bother!! You know what interrupts the show this week??......Uhhh.... nothing.


Episode # 5 of A Half Hour Radio Show.

In this episode we DO NOT DO A REMAKE OF THE WAR OF THE WORLDS!!  Got it??  We talked about it and decided NOT TO DO IT.  Is that clear?  This is Not The War of the Worlds!!!   Wait a minute....what's that glowing object in the sky outside  our window??......

Episode #6 of A Half Hour Radio Show.

Well, this weeks show was sort of....not so great.  Not bad mind you, but not so great.  That is until the "package" arrived.  Meanwhile 30 years in the future....."THEY" waited.

Episode # 8 of A Half Hour Radio Show.

The radio station management decides the show is perfect....with just one "small" addition,  the show's new Managing Editor!  And it turns out that his bite is worse than his bark!

Episode #8 of A Half Hour Radio Show.

Listen in as Jeff and Tom go "fishing for ideas".....literally!  What do they use for bait?  Colorful metaphors, food for thought,

Wonder Bread?

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